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Some people think that their business or facility is "too small" to benefit from LED lighting upgrading; that is far from the truth in most instances. By smart buying and using programs available in most areas, you can upgrade with confidence in saving energy and money !

For your convienience, ​LED tube lights can be purchased in various styles: direct wire, plug n' play or hybrid. 

Direct wire requires rewiring removing the ballast from the circuit.

Plug n' Play allows the user to simply remove fluorescent tube and put in the LED unit. Ballast must be electronic style.

Hybrid can be used in either wiring configuration.

Both Plug n' Play and Hybrid can be safely installed by virtually anyone. It's take out the old fluorescent tubes and put in the new LED lighting !


Our supplier of stadium, gymnasium or arena lighting can save you thousands over HID and other high output lights.

Led Upgrades Led indoor And Outdoor Energy Saving Lighting

Overhead high ceiling lighting can mimic natural sunlight while lasting years longer than traditional lighting

LED lights save money by less man hours - since LED lights last 3 to 4 times longer, less changes. In high ceiling applications, no special lifts or ladders

range of use =LED lights come on at full brightness at temperatures where fluorescent types are dimmer and much slower to come up to full brightness in cold rooms. LED lights work on a wide range of power supply voltages

environmentally safer - Fluorescent bulbs and lamps contain toxic mercury and require special disposal. Also the glass enclosure is a potential injury hazard.

Advantages to LED Lighting


energy credits and utility rebates - federal, state,local governments and utility providers are still giving credits in some areas. We will check for you upon RFQ being drafted. Each state has its own credit program.  Email at for help


​​About our practices,partners and suppliers ........

We at CDILED,LLC are constantly scouring the globe for excellent LED products at fair prices. We try to find American made items wherever possible but in today's markets it gets harder to do each day. Some ways we can help keep American made products more in line with imports is by utilizing rebates and government energy saving programs We've actually had upgraded a customer that cost him nothing for the LEDs!!!

toggled is a US producer of the highest quality LED tubes that are made in numerous sizes,shapes,styles and temperatures. A trip to their website will give you the vast scope of their lines. A very informative link shows how easy the retrofits are.

RVLT  is a US LED lighting producer that does more in signage to replace neon signs that saves at least 50% over neon but more likely closer to 70%. Outside lighting for parking lots, lighting walkways and stairways are part of their product line.

We have a lengthy list of both domestic and foreign suppliers to help find the right product at the right price for you !


We take pride in each and every project

 We really believe that no job is too small or too big for us to handle. We also believe in the high quality of our product lines. We're that confident in our services and our staff. We work hard to make sure that we are reliable and affordable for everyone. These days many times you hear things that sound to good to be true, well this isn't one of them. We guarantee savings over incandescent, fluorescent and HID!

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Our Director of Government Relations is

Paul Caron (413) 427-7630 

Paul specializes in public sector programs and buildings.